Dreamer's Eye Drop Earrings

  • Material
    Gold Vermeil

  • Stones
    Pink topaz, Sky blue Topaz and White topaz

  • Size
    13mm x 20mm

The Dreamer’s Eye Drop Earrings are a twist on the namesake studs. Designed with the wanderer and daydreamer in mind, the one endlessly looking up and reflecting the sky in their eyes. The oval Sky Blue Topaz is set below five princess cut White Topazes adorned with a pear shaped Pink Topaz in a half bezel setting at the bottom.

The eye is sometimes referred to as the mirror of the soul since it is closely related with the concepts of light and spirit.

The eye symbol has existed for an indefinite amount of time and all over the world in many different cultures. It is said to protect its possessor from evil spirits and other people’s ill will. Its mysterious aspect survives to this day, whether worn as jewellery or displayed in the home.

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