Triple Bar Jacket Earring

  • Material
    18k Gold Vermeil

  • Stones
    Blue Topaz

  • Earring length

Inspired by the Neo-Mayan architecture style, these earrings are built balance and symmetry. Designed to be worn as a jacket earring, the back base floats and moves catching light and attention. The mini stud bar can be worn alone or with the ear jacket, leaving you spoiled for choice.

18k Gold Vermeil. Not to be confused with regular gold plating, our vermeil is a thick layer of 18k solid gold on sterling silver.

If you have a specific stone or metal variant in mind that isn’t currently available on the web, simply contact us and we’ll confirm its availability for custom production without any extra service charge.

billy chapata

when a woman shows
you her dark side,
there is a certain light
in you that she sees.
a certain light she doesn’t
see in anyone else.

art deco church

The building is without a doubt a fascinating example of Mayan Revival-inspired ecclesiastical design. Built by architect Robert Stacey-Judd known for his Neo-Mayan architecture style. The Spiritual Living pays tribute to Mayan terraced pyramid with the integration of Art Deco patterns.


Luis Barragan, architect

“Before one can create, one must first develop the ability to see, so that one can then respond.

Seeing is a conscious act that implies being aware of something, discovering it and analysing it.

To look at something, on the other hand, is to allow one’s gaze to pass over it without regarding it.”

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