Introducing our Brancusi earrings

Brancusi - Figursky

Proudly presenting the latest additions to the Wild Wagon collection; two timeless pieces, crafted in homage to the great French-Romanian artist, Constantin Brancusi.

Brancusi Atelier Paris

One of the founding figures of Modernism, Brancusi’s sculpture works celebrate the beauty and elegance of shape and form; his thought-provoking pieces crafted in bronze, marble, stone and wood. Through simplified geometry, Brancusi aimed to evoke movement and spiritual reflection, celebrating depth and essence over outward appearance.

Reminiscent of Brancusi’s irreverent symbolism, our Single and Double Drop pieces allow you to carry the spirit and meaning of this aesthetic with you always.

Brancusi Earrings by Figursky Jewellery

Single Drop Inspired by the simplified columns that were a regular motif in Brancusi’s work, the single drop represents transformation and rebirth. From top to bottom, we see the column stretch and expand under pressure, a visual metamorphosis that culminates in the beautiful green amethyst, set in the base. Capturing the essence of growth and discovery, the piece sits boldly at the intersection of modern sculpture and jewellery; a powerful representation of life’s journey and the enduring spirit of resilience within us all.

Brancusi Earrings

Double Drop Our Double Drop piece evokes the essence of the single drop with powerful new symbolism at its core. Connected by a subtle archway, this piece speaks to new openings and the ever-present opportunity in every moment, when we embrace life with an open heart. Through a shared point of origin, we see two journeys bound together as one; a mutual thread combining two drops in unison. A symbol of solidarity and companionship, this piece makes a thoughtful gift to a friend or loved one; an ode to the duality of relationship, with independence and connection balanced in perfect harmony.