Seeking balance in all aspects of creation and production, we have partnered with people who stand proudly by their work and ethics. We’d like to share our ‘why’ and our intention behind the materials used and the production process.

Figursky Atelier was launched in April 2022 to create one off and bespoke pieces.

Together with an Auckland based team Cristina Figursky can customise any existing design from the collection or create a unique custom design piece.

Cristina Figursky, the designer and founder holds a BFA in Fine Arts and has completed a jewellery making course at Peter Minturn Goldsmith School in Auckland.

Her unique style is influenced by her global upbringing between Chisinau, Nashville and NYC, leading up to happily settling in Auckland.

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Explore our past custom projects made for our clients and get inspiration for your own bespoke creation.

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Add a personal touch to our signature range and design a ring by choosing your preferred diamond, gemstone, and metal options.

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Bespoke designs are exclusive and hold a story or occasion at their core. Design a piece for yourself or a special someone, celebrate a special moment or a person, embark on an exploration journey with us.