Terms and Conditions

Every Figursky item is accompanied by a lifetime warranty from the date of purchase, encompassing all manufacturing faults. Proof of purchase must be provided.

It's important to note that manufacturing faults do not include damage or wear and tear, oxidized or fading plating, broken chains, cracked or broken stones or pearls, or the bending of rings or earrings.

If a piece exhibits signs of improper care or damage not attributed to normal wear, such as accidental damage, we will perform repairs at cost. Customers will be provided with an estimate for approval prior to initiating the repair. In cases requiring repair, customers are responsible for the return shipping costs.

Please be aware that if any other jeweller performs work on our pieces, including resizing or repairs, our warranty becomes void. We strongly recommend returning pieces to us for repairs and resizes.

Intellectual Property:

Figursky retains ownership of all designs, encompassing, but not limited to, custom-designed pieces, signature collection pieces, and designs created for clients for original settings. This includes the rights to make, reproduce, and display these designs.