Tailored for those with an affinity for the extraordinary, our designs are both unconventional and classic, unexpected yet timeless.

Make your personality stand out.


Bespoke designs are exclusive and hold a story or occasion at their core. Design a piece for yourself or a special someone, celebrate a special moment or a person, embark on an exploration journey with us.

How it works

1. Enquire

To start the bespoke journey please fill out our bespoke enquiry form. The bespoke form lets us know what is the best way to contact you and gives us an overview of the project.

2. Plan

We'll be in touch to arrange your in-person or virtual appointment. This is your opportunity to intimately explore design options and gemstones. We will go over your vision and details on materials required.

3. Design

Following your planning appointment, we will present a comprehensive design proposal. This will encompass a detailed description of the design, pricing details, and a visual mockup of your envisioned piece.

4. Production

Your bespoke design will then be handcrafted in Auckland by our team of highly skilled artisans. Bespoke pieces will take between 6-8 weeks to complete.

Ready to get started?

Book virtual or an in person appointment. Bring your inspiration and we'll provide the expertise.