Bespoke Gallery

Explore our bespoke gallery where you can view previous custom works and well as the information for each piece accessible upon clicking the image.

Arta Sapphire Ring
Ether Ring Watermelon Tourmaline Figursky
Nalini Ring
Closer Ring
Summer Ring
Dahlia Ring
Ellen Ring
Georgie Ring
Jaz Ring
Rosa Ring
Maike Engagement Ring
Maike Engagement Ring Side
Kate Ring
Figursky Engagement Ring Sapphie and Diamond
Jess Opal Necklace
Jessie Ring
Peri Ring
Georgie Ring
Doni Ring
Engagement Ring
Cluster Rings Collection
Eternity Ring
Donna Ring
Alla Bespoke Ring
Leah Bespoke Ring
Emma Bespoke Ring
Figursky Jewellery Bespoke Ring
Figursky Bespoke Two Pear Ring
1 Carat Diamond Bespoke Ring
Summer Amethyst Bespoke Ring
Bespoke Engagement Sapphire Ring Figursky
Figursky Bespoke Ring
Bespoke Chain Necklace
Emma Bespoke Ring
Summer Bespoke Ring