Pearl Arch Necklace

  • Material
    9ct yellow gold

  • Stones
    Freshwater Pearl

  • Pendant Size
    10mm x 7mm

  • Chain length

Life is a duality between the internal and the external. Our spirit and its place in the ever-changing world around us. While we all strive to live in perfect balance with the outside world, it can often feel like a struggle.

This piece symbolises harmony between both and the strength you have to inspire it. A freshwater pearl sits in the centre, a symbol of your spirit and undying essence. Encompassed by a golden arch, representing the external or physical, the pearl has been designed to spin around its axis while never losing its balance.

Available in Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold — Platinum upon request. All white gold pieces are rhodium plated.


Your piece will be made-to-order—please allow 3 to 4 weeks for us to create the piece before shipping to you. This piece is made to order in our Auckland atelier.

An arch consists of two weaknesses which, leaning one against the other, make a strength.

House 690
Diagram: Vaulted Arch in Perspective circa 1810-27 by Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851

Most like an arch—an entrance which upholds
and shores the stone-crush up the air like lace.
Mass made idea, and idea held in place.
A lock in time. Inside half-heaven unfolds.

Most like an arch—two weaknesses that lean
into a strength. Two fallings become firm.
Two joined abeyances become a term
naming the fact that teaches fact to mean.

Not quite that? Not much less. World as it is,
what’s strong and separate falters. All I do
at piling stone on stone apart from you
is roofless around nothing. Till we kiss

I am no more than upright and unset.
It is by falling in and in we make
the all-bearing point, for one another’s sake,
in faultless failing, raised by our own weight.


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