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Shadow of The Sun Drop Earrings

  • Material
    9ct Yellow Gold

  • Stones
    Diamonds or White Sapphires

  • Length

Shadow of the Sun Drop Earrings have been inspired by the art deco era of duster earrings. The term was originally used to describe slender pendant earrings that were no longer than around 3-inches during the art deco period.

This perfect combination of movement and elegance translated into a draping earring that flows and catches all light it comes in contact with. Flat square tiles have round white sapphires set in the middle of each link. The back for the earring detaches so you can get the most wear out of the front stud for everyday life. Attach the back jacket for an event or night out.


This item is MADE TO ORDER for you and will be dispatched in 3-4 weeks.


A good building, like a good piece of jewelry, sculpture etc… will be both functional and expressive. It will conform to certain constraints and expectations while eschewing others. The best architects have the ability to make the decisions between conformity and innovation in a way that inspires us and moves the whole conversation forwards. I think it is important to imagine that the thing or the space isn’t soulless, but rather a symbiont — an extension and a reflection of the person. I’m lucky to have it a bit easier than Le Corbusier because integrating yourself into the systems of a home or a city is a much more comprehensive process than accepting an inspiring piece of jewelry into your life. For my work, the resistance is less.

– VRAM on jewelry design

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